More Than a Portfolio to Us

From the moment we meet, we work closely with you and your family to make sure that we are as helpful as possible with the many decisions you face. We start by understanding your life goals and current needs, and how the two are balanced. Each portfolio is managed on an individual, stand-alone basis. Our long-standing relationships with our clients span the generations because of our ability to be responsive to a wide range of needs.

How Sustainability Happens

The Sustainability Group manages roughly $1.5 billion dollars of assets using socially responsible criteria originally developed by Amy Domini. Our investment approach, however, extends beyond a rigorous selection process.

Portfolio Selection

Guided by our commitment to universal human dignity and ecological sustainability, we seek to invest in companies that acknowledge their impact on our world and work to beneficially transform the way the world does business. We apply standards to what we buy, focusing our stock selection on high quality growth companies that meet a broad range of social criteria. We avoid investing in companies we feel have a negative cost to society, avoiding some industries entirely.

We also structure our portfolios around broad sustainability themes which creates a proactive framework that helps us determine both the industries and individual companies in which we seek to invest. From technology that reduces energy demand, to companies that actively work to encourage healthy living, we choose to focus on investment themes with the greatest potential for sustainable growth, both today and for future generations.

In an effort to facilitate a transition to a low carbon economy, we are a signatory to the Montreal Carbon Pledge. As such, we have committed to reducing the carbon footprint – both current and future – of our investments. In that effort, we will regularly report on the carbon intensity of the Sustainability Group’s Investment Management Composite [the “SGIMA Composite”]. As of 09/30/2015, the estimated carbon intensity of the SGIMA Composite was 85.9 metric tons of CO2e / million USD of sales. For comparison, according to our calculations, the estimated carbon intensity of the S&P 500 was 210.9 metric tons of CO2e / million USD for the same period and using the same methodology.*

As we manage all portfolios on a standalone basis, we are able to respond to the unique needs and concerns of our clients.

A Shareholder’s Voice

As shareholders, we recognize our own responsibility to use our leverage to help the voiceless and to demand an ecology in which humankind can thrive. While we don’t seek perfection in our companies, we do hold them accountable for their impact on society and expect to see progress over time. We use our standing as shareholders and partner with like-minded investors to engage constructively with companies and encourage them to take appropriate actions toward sustainability. This is a dynamic and practical approach and is the difference between simply demanding sustainability and actively working to create it in the world around us.

Download our Proxy Voting Guidelines & Procedures Booklet.

Impact Investing

From affordable housing to organic farming, communities must have access to capital to affect positive change. The Sustainability Group is proud to be one of the largest private client asset managers of community development investments. Our clients have over $40 million invested in community banks, credit unions, loan funds and international microfinance institutions. These non-traditional investments have the power to positively impact people, the planet and performance, both domestically and internationally, because true sustainability happens from the ground up, in rural areas and urban neighborhoods all around the world.

*The carbon footprint calculation represents the asset weighted carbon intensity of the Sustainability Group’s Investment Management Composite and the S&P 500. This number represents the metric tons of CO2e emitted for every million dollar generated in sales. These figures were calculated on a company-by-company basis for the respective fiscal years ended 2013. Emissions figures for each company include Scope 1 and Scope 2 only, as disclosed by the company. Where data was not provided, MSCI estimates were used. Revenue figures were provided by Bloomberg.

The Sustainability Group is associated with Loring, Wolcott, & Coolidge Trust, LLC, a Boston-based family office with over 100 years of experience in providing clients with personalized fiduciary services.
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